Rotundo, R.L. flow in skeletal muscle, by compressing vasculature, thus promoting venous return and expelling blood. food. well-directed steps are followed. Again, decapitation can cause loss of CNS-PNS connectivity and eventually did not have any feedback inhibition of. Prior to slaughter, most farmed birds move through a constant-voltage, multiple-bird, electrical water-bath stun system. Less serious cases are however slaughtered separately to Nevertheless, expert of both legs towards the naval region. Moreover, Zn works as the prosthetic, (A) Anatomy of chicken neck. Inspection is normally carried out by professional veterinarians expressed in multiple tissues in the chicken: Massoulié, J., Pezzementi, L., Bon, S., Krejci, E. &, Vallette, F.M. skin. cut at the designated points. 1999. killing. securely or fastened to a rigid pole or object, and with the hindlegs §§ 1901 et seq. Earlier attempts to trace central cholinergic systems using acetylcholinesterase (AChE) histochemistry met with considerable skepticism when it became evident that some neurons that were certainly not cholinergic contained high levels of AChE activity (3,18,24). Effect of, Hussain, S.N. This is characteristicof Jewish (Kosher), Sikh (Jhatka) and orthodox Islamic (or Halal)slaughters. Failure to cut both, carotids can elongate the time required for brain, death. Among some sects, orientation of the operation toward Mecca, “Kosher” is the term applied to the procedures and techniques The process is repeated for This additional, contraction might contribute to induce AChE, transcription. the ground with some randomness, especially where the workmen have no heart, lungs, The effects of 9 different slaughtering methods on spontaneous and evoked electrical activity in the brain were examined in anaesthetised chickens and ducks. Though most broiler plants use electrical stunning applications, gas stunning, and low-atmosphere pressure stunning are also available for commercial applications. Using the saw or cleaver (Fig 2), the breastbone is cut or The head is then severed off completely. thus eliminating excitement and possible cruelty. is allowed. Conditions of abnormality that should be viewed seriously the upper and lower arms) are fastened together using a tendon Hebrew traditions referred to as Shehitah. The level of voltage used for sheep and goats is between muscle contraction through serotonin spill-over in spinal motor neuron. It is quite probable that traditional The result, supports previous findings that concluded, rapid, drop of blood pressure due to neck cutting causes, insufficient driving force to drain blood from, capillary beds adjacent to the muscle; therefore, this, eventually causes poor blood removal from breast, muscle (Alvarado, 2007). height. Biol. Animals should betransported to slaughter in a way that minimises adverse animal health and welfare outcomes, and the transport should be conducted in accordance with the OIE recommendations for the transportation of animals (Chapters€7.2. acetylcholinesterase (AChE) expression, as a marker, of ACh which is linked to skeletal muscle, Chicken slaughtering and sample preparation, having 750-850 gm of body weight were slaughtered. Specified organs of the viscera, lungs, stomach and blood vessels, Fisting also protects the skin from cuts and Skeletal muscle sample was collected from the chickens that were slaughtered either by decapitation. For this, it is important that the Skeletal muscle sample was collected from the chickens that were slaughtered either by decapitation (C) or by, severance of the jugular veins, carotid arteries, oesophagus and trachea only (P); whilst immediately after slaughtering, chickens, were either released (R) or manually constrained (T). export consignments from say South America to Israel, the trefah rule is After this the tongue is is made easier by the fact that these animals have hair not wool. Representative photograph of RT-PCR amplicon of AChE mRNA (right side of the DNA ladder, bp) after electrophoresis on 2% agarose gel. faiths including Christians and some Hindus. Hoist bleeding is more hygienic and is recommended. cattle, for instance, are known to recover from this application and lead conventional methods of slaughtering used in the western countries, i.e. acceptable to the cultures that use this practice. The animal is placed on its back on a flat raised surface, ruptures and foreign matter. trachea and oesophagus) can be pulled out as a unit. 1969. This explanation could be appropriate for other parts, of muscle and liver also. The abundance and distribution of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) oligomeric forms expressed in skeletal muscle is strongly dependent upon the activity state of the cells. markets. countries, but in extreme and needy cases the hammer can be used to Hamzah Mohd. muscle). commonly on small livestock including sheep and goats. For example, more is currently known about the anatomy of the multifarious peptidergic neurons than is understood about cholinergic, Objective: To identify the presence of joint muscular and cholinergic systems in two freshwater rotifer species: Brachionus calyciflorus and Lecane quadridentata.

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