Zjistit více . Helpful. Our buildings. It was founded by Count Sternberk, the first president of the Society of the Patriotic Museum who served as the trustee and operator of the museum. … Located in one of the most famous buildings in the city, the Prague National Museum (official name Národní Muzeum) is the most important in the Czech capital. In 2019, the building was connected to the historical building through a tunnel. It seems entirely fitting that the unveiling of this handsome building should be at the heart of commemorating the last 100 years of Czech and Slovak history. Join us on the journey against time, against the current of…, Minerals from the collections of the National Museum are…, This long-term exhibition called “Crossroads of Czech and…, An exhibition of the Historical Museum of the National…, Ethnographical exhibition of the National Museum, A newly created exhibition of the National Museum in…, Original exhibitis illustrating life and culture of ethnics…, Long-term exhibition of Czech museum of Music – National…, Permanent exhibition at the Antonín Dvořák…, Long-term Exhibition dedicated to the famous Czech…, This exhibition in the Bedřich Smetana Museum focuses on…. The medieval collection includes jewelry, panel painting, wooden sculpture, and weapons (also such as used in the Hussite movement of the 15th century). As the central state museum with collecting, scientific, educational and methodological functions it seeks to enhance the sense of national identity and awareness of being part of the whole framework of … During the 1968 Warsaw Pact intervention, the main facade was severely damaged by strong Soviet machine-gun and automatic submachine-gun fire. The National Museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic. Write, call or use the contact form prepared. At present the National Museum houses almost 14 million items from the area of natural history, history, arts, music and librarianship, located in dozens of buildings. Date of experience: August 2020. This majestic building dominating Wenceslas Square was reopened to the public after a lengthy renovation, both inside and out. The background goes back to 1796. This also led to the building suffering from an excessive noise level, a dangerously high level of dust and constant vibrations from heavy road traffic. The museum's… It is the symbol of culture, science and education in the Czech Republic. Play As. In addition to their historical value, many of the objects held by this department contain a high artistic value. Read more. The National Museum (Národní Muzeum) in Prague occupies two magnificent, adjacent buildings at the top of Wenceslas Square. The museum brought about an intellectual shift in Prague. In 2010, the museum moved their collections to Prague 10, Horní Počernice. It too had insufficient capacity, which led to the construction a new museum building in Wenceslas Square. The pylon was designed by Karel Prager On January 16, 1969, student Jan Palach set himself on fire in Prague in protest against the fact that people had fallen into lethargy following the horror of the occupation by the Warsaw Pact troops, wanting to stir them up. National Museum - main building. It brings together collections of materials documenting the development of nature, and the history and prehistory of both Czech and foreign origins. The former Prague Stock Exchange was built in 1937. Share. National Gallery in Prague. After many years of preparations, the National Museum managed to mount an exhibition which is unique both in terms of the value and the origin of the objects on display. The National Museum in Prague is the largest and most famous Czech museum. This long-term exhibition called “Crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak Statehood” captures the important milestones in our 20th century history, which saw remarkable changes in statehood and in the ideological views of the state. It covers a range of disciplines and collecting fields from the natural sciences to specialized areas of the social sciences. In 2020, the permanent exhibition History of the 20th Century should be opened here. Dear visitors, due to the emergency regarding COVID-19 from Monday October 12, all buildings of the National Museum are closed to the public until further notice. This was further accelerated by the historian František Palacký, who in 1827 suggested that the museum publish separate journals in German and Czech. The early focus of the museum was natural sciences, partially because Count Sternberk was a botanist, mineralogist, and eminent phytopaleontologist, but also because of the natural science slant of the times, as perpetrated by Emperor Joseph II of Austria. FilomenaPrvni > Interior > Panteon - National Museum Prague. For the first time, tickets can be purchased or booked online. Dear visitors, Seriously burned, he died on January 19. [citation needed] However, it was not until nearly a century later that the National Museum’s historical treasures equaled its collection of natural science artifacts. The museum was originally located in the Sternberg Palace. The eastern courtyard was also opened and was for the first time roofed, during reconstruction. My eight year old loved all of it and wants to come back for more. The museum did not acquire historical objects until the 1830s and 40s, when Romanticism arose. It was founded in 1818 under the name of “Patriotic museum of Bohemia” (“Vlastenecké museum v Čechách”).The foundation was supported by the academic public and the nobility. The main museum building was also damaged during the construction of the Prague Metro in 1972 and 1978. Welcome to the website of the National Technical Museum in Prague(see history of the museum), established in 1908.For over a hundred years extensive collections have been assembled here documenting the development of many technical fields, of the natural and exact sciences, and of industry in the territory of today’s Czech Republic. Discover the world of those for whom Siberia is home. The National Museum comprises of 11 buildings in Prague and 5 buildings outside of Prague. The unusual space of a beautifully decorated entrance hall of the National Museum with marble staircase and superb acoustics is a very popular concert hall where mainly chamber classical music concerts take place. For example, the famous Czech historian and the most influential person of the Czech National Revival (oft… The National Museum in Prague was founded on April 15, 1818. Between 1995 and 2009 it was used by the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The collections are presented in several locations and historic buildings within and outside the city of Prague. You will not miss the most interesting events. While that is what’s known as the ‘main building,’ the National Museum itself actually manages ten other museums in Prague and five more in other Czech cities. National Gallery in Prague – Virtual Tour The National Gallery in Prague houses the most extensive collection of art in the Czech Republic. The National Museum - the biggest museum in Prague The Neo-Renaissance building housing the main building of the National Museum is the design of the famous Czech architect Josef Schultz and dates from the national revival period in Prague, at the end of the 19 th century (1885-1890). The neo-renaissance National Museum with large scientific and historical collections We apologize for any inconvenience. The main building, the Historical Building of the National Museum, is set in a commanding position at the top of the square. The main building of the National Museum has been renovated in 2011-2019, and permanent exhibitions will be there gradually opened from spring 2020. Due to major renovations the museum … Choose from our selection of long-term exhibitions, Do not miss any of our new exhibitions, which are prepared regularly for you in all our buildings, Take part in the events we organize for you, Foundation and Development of the Institution, See current press releases and announcements, An exceptional international project that documents the…, Immerse yourselves into life stories of four great composers…, Exhibition dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Battle…, The oldest Czech state symbol, and its journey through Czech…. Response from NaFilM_filmmuseum, Vlastník at NaFilM: National film museum. It is located in the imposing neo-Renaissance building at the Wenceslas Square and it is one of the main representatives of the rich cultural life of Prague.

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