I examined the median price data for cards from all sets except for reprint sets such as Commander, Duel Decks, promotional cards (Judge, DCI, FNM, etc), and Modern Masters. Magic: The Gathering’s Black Lotus sells for $166,100 at auction, doubling its value on the collectibles market. It appeared in the Legends expansion, which was the third expansion ever printed in 1994. 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The third printing is valued at $1,200, the beta at $2,200, and the alpha around $3,000, though it can sell for more. Set foils are among the rarest cards in Magic, which is why mythic rare cards like Jace, The Mind Sculptor (whose Worldwake foil printing was worth $800 at one time) and Liliana of the Veil ($60 non-foil vs $180 foil) see such ridiculous price differences between their premium versions. So, you naturally wouldn’t want those players to get a lot of mana quickly and Mox Sapphire allowed them to. This artifact (i.e. It was featured in the Legends expansion and is valued at $1,600. The commons in particular have a very short tail, with very few of them coming close to $10. Others, however, are simply rare because they could only be found in the original set of cards printed in 1993. There are several other printings of the card that fall somewhere between. Here's what the price distribution looks like with only rares (and mythic rares) included: The shape of the distribution is largely unchanged (many of the least expensive cards have been removed from the left-hand side), particularly out in the right-hand tail. While the second printing is worth $1,295, the alpha is much more pricey at $5,900. It hasn’t been reprinted since the early 90s and one from the Beta or Unlimited printings can go for $3,200. And now for some speculation about the data presented above: Wizards of the Coast, in printing Magic cards, essentially works like a central bank. To what extent are prices correlated between cards, and does this lead to price inflation (e.g. What's it worth? Buy the selected items together. Today, the 103/110 EX Holon Phantoms Mewtwo is the more valuable and currently worth well over $100. Magic: The Gathering - Legends Price Guide While you wouldn’t want to go up against an opponent with any of these five artifacts in their deck, players that run red decks usually rely on a hefty amount of power, meaning ginormous and scary creatures like dragons. There are a few versions of Mutavault without full art, but the one with it is the card that’s worth some money. I don't have nearly enough business savvy to follow financial news, but I know enough about M:TG to be able to understand what's going on in the tiny financial microcosm of trading cards (and the insightful analysis from sites like MTGStocks.com and MTGPrice.com). MTG Power Pack 100 Assorted Magic Cards - 10 Mythics, 60 Rares, 25 Foils & 5 Planeswalkers - Gather Official Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards - Comes with Gold Bar Gift Box 4.4 out of 5 stars 286 $37.85 Beyond that, this card skyrockets in value. For those 24 years he is in servitude, which is part of how the Magic card Chains of Mephistopheles got its look. Ravages of War is an extremely risky card to have in your deck as this sorcery destroys all lands, including your own. Start getting weekly updates on your magic collection! I first obtained this data set in January 2015 (pre-Fate Reforged, pre-bannings). And then immediately put said cards in a safe place. Originally from the Mercadian Masques set, a regular card is valued around $60 but the elusive foil version is $550. Its international reprinting is more expensive than most at $545, but the original printing is currently valued around $26,000. I also excluded cards from Alpha and Beta, whose prices are artificially inflated due to their extreme rarity. Ancestral Recall, depending on the card’s condition, can be worth up to sixty-five hundred dollars in the Limited Edition Alpha version. Magic the Gathering 50 Cards Includes 25+ Rares/Uncommons MTG Cards Collection Foils & mythics… $5.40. Land is essential to play the game, but one with a strategic bonus is something that every player should want in their deck. It hasn’t been reprinted so it’s valued around $1,200 but can sell for more depending on condition. Re-plotting the same data set on a logarithmic scale, it becomes clearer just how vast the range of card prices is, as well as how there are far fewer very expensive cards than inexpensive cards. This legendary land could be useful against someone running a creature-heavy deck but the caster would need to be careful. Part of the limited edition Alpha set, the most recent sale was in July of 2018. Casting this later in a game could result in an extremely intimidating creature for an insanely low casting cost. Yes, it would be a fantastic card to have if only it wasn’t $775 and had ever been reprinted. Here are 25 that are difficult to find and worth a ton of cash! But the alpha is the big one at $6,500. Some players want to build a Legacy-esque goodstuff deck that runs Duals and all kinds of other pricey high-powered cards. The majority of cards ever printed are cheap, a small subgroup is expensive, and an even small subgroup is even more expensive than that. The cheapest is the international reprinting that’s banned from use in tournaments at $100. Choose your product line and set, and find exactly what you're looking for. It can essentially cause one of the players to lose as it exiles all cards in their library, but Jace’s other abilities are really useful too. Which is probably why it hasn’t been reprinted and is currently valued at $1,500. The expensive commons, in a similar vein, are dominated by collectible cards from hard-to-find sets like Portal. It would also be interesting to see statistically how cards that become popular after early release hype is over rise to replace cards in the tail of the distribution that were hyped and discovered to be useless. The revised edition (black-bordered third edition of the original cards) is valued around $100, but the alpha edition (first printing of the original cards in 1993) is valued around $2,200. Free membership gives you access to digital binder collection tools … This is why it’s a little hard to find and valued at $200. Consider three different players who all are building decks for EDH. But if you own the original Millennium Falcon (that HUGE one) Lego set, that sucker is DEFINITELY worth well over ten thousand, we can all agree on that. Having only a single snapshot of the price distributions does illustrate how variable magic card prices are as well as how expensive cards tend to be outliers. All Pokemon cards have a tendency to go up and down pretty quickly and the values are completely based upon the market value day-to-day. So it’s no wonder this card is worth a decent amount of money. Despite this, we still do see a skew in the price distribution, with a few expensive (>$20) cards but most cards inexpensive (. This one is interesting as it’s only a super rare card yet it still nabs this high price on the secondary market. Distributions like these, that are heavily skewed, are sometimes referred to as having "heavy tails." This makes the game more inclusive and fun for customers, but it also allows WotC to retain as many customers as they can. : PainterStone)? Some of them are rare because of their incredible abilities and advantages they can give a player over their opponents. It includes over 400,000 prices for a host of different collectibles including, but not limited to: sports and non-sports trading cards, autographs, unopened packs, tickets, professional model bats and graded baseballs. It’s not as old as some other cards on this list as the expansion premiered in 2003, so it’ll probably keep going up in value. Shadows over Innistrad: 04/08/2016: Shadows over Innistrad (Foil) 04/08/2016: Shards of … Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. It is important to find out whether your cards hold value and also determine whether the cards may lose value over time. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, The Witcher: The 10 Hardest Boss Fights In The Series, Ranked According To Difficulty, 25 Magic: The Gathering Cards That Are Impossible To Find (And How Much They’re Worth). But as a permanent, it can be used as many times as it is available. Crobat 147/144 Skyridge (Rare Holo) $1150.00. The Magic Card stock market is a very real thing, and many people out there are making fortunes off buying, selling, and collecting various rare Magic Cards. Maybe pick up one of the far cheaper, non-full-art versions though. Bazaar of Baghdad can be a very useful land if you have certain cards in your hand that don’t apply to the strategy you’re currently going for and need some draw power. There are too many to list here. This jibes with the initial observation that there are a great many cards worth very little, but a small number of cards with enormous prices. We know $100 isn't anything to write home about, but still. Magic: The Gathering - Commander Legends Price Guide It’s a bit balanced out by having you skip your next turn if you use it. (As of recently the DeckBrew API's price information is unavailable, otherwise I could have taken multiple snapshots of card price distributions at different times.). At it’s cheapest, this land card is valued around $153 for the international reprinting. It has been reprinted a couple of times but that doesn’t make it any easier to find. It’s a sorcery card that forces every player, including the caster, to discard their hand and draw seven new cards. To what extent is the heavy tail inflated due to "superstar" effects? Extremely sought after by collectors, it's one of the most expensive Yu-GiOh! I personally have been collecting, trading and playing magic since 1994. There are lots of variables that go into determining card pricing, and trying to differentiate between them could be an interesting exercise. Knowing this, it almost makes me wonder whether the heavy-tailed distribution of card prices is actually a benefit to the customer that in turn helps WotC maximize their profits. Summer magic was a second print run of revised that had much better coloring. (Total 100 cards)) $9.96. It’s an artifact that you can play without tapping any mana, and it also taps to add one swamp to your mana pool. The revised edition (black-bordered third edition of the original cards) is valued around $100, but the alpha edition (first printing of the original cards in 1993) is valued around $2,200. The international reprinting of the Mox cards have been banned in all competitions, which is probably one of the reasons why they are so much cheaper to purchase than the first or second printings. ... To look up your Magic cards you need to know the edition name (not printed on the card). In Magic: The Gathering, the "Power Nine" are nine near legendary cards which are incredibly rare, utterly valuable and hold the distinction of being printed very early in the game's long history.Considered by many to be overpowered cards when it comes to gameplay, that fact has not impacted their value or collectability. Card Lowest Price; Umbreon ☆ 17/17 POP Series 5 (ShinyRare) $30000.00. And a big part of what has made it so popular since it premiered in 1993 is the amount of strategy that goes into it. But condition is everything; a graded 8.5 card is currently on eBay for $900. It appears that in the case of uncommon and rare cards, the highest-price cards are ones that are in high demand for Vintage and Legacy and that also are hard to come by due to relative rarity. The original card from the Future Sight expansion is valued at $90, while the rare foil version is $860. Just like the Mox cards, the international and cheaper reprinting of this sorcery card is banned from use in tournaments and it is very easy to see why. Only four are believed to be in circulation, which is why the value of the card is predicted to climb even further over the coming years. Michael Jordan, Basketball, 1986-87 Fleer Rookie Card The Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie card is considered to be one of the most popular sports trading cards out there. During the past couple of months, famous Magic the Gathering commentator, host and personality Evan Erwin has published a series of videos showcasing his top 100 Magic cards of all time, listing his personal picks for the most relevant, impactful, important or just good cards of all time, including both widely acclaimed cards and gems from Magic’s past. It’s normally only worth about $15, but the foil version given out to judges is the one for collectors. The extended, heavy-tailed price distribution allows for participation of players who only have a few extra dollars alongside the players willing to sink thousands a year into the game.

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